Energy Management allows you to track your electricity usage and save money on your electric bill.

 Systems are available today that are standalone, or that integrate in to an automation system like Control4.

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The Basics

In any kind of Energy Monitoring system, you start with sensors that will monitor your total power consumption. These sensors are called Current Transformers or CTs. CTs just clamp around the wires in your electric service panel and sense the current flowing through them. If all you want to see is your total usage, you would only need two CTs (one for each incoming phase). But if you want to know how much energy is being used by certain devices (like the pool/hot tub, air conditioner, refrigerator, Theater, etc.) then you would use more CTs and clamp them on to each circuit that you want to monitor. There are also modules that you just plug in to a standard wall outlet and then plug the device that you want to monitor in to it. Once this is done, then you will use your Web Browser or automation system (like Control4) to monitor your electricity usage. If you have a electricity generating system like a wind turbine, Solar panels or generator, the system will monitor the amount of electricity being generated also.


Control4 Integration

At ADI we use a company called Eragy ( for their energy monitoring solution. You can integrate this in to your Control4 system so that you can control your Theater, light, Thermostats, and see energy usage right from your touchscreen controller! Here are some screenshots from the Control4 touchscreen of the Eragy solution:

Here is the summary page that allows you to track your Electric bill as the month goes on:



 Here is a report that shows how much each of the different monitored devices cost you for the month:


Here is a report that shows Electricity usage for all of the monitored devices in real-time:



Here is a report that shows overall Electricity usage. There are 10 minute, 1 hour, daily and monthly reports available (10 minute shown). Notice how it tracks the local temperature (yellow line) also: