A Music Management system from a company called Request will allow you to store your CDs and MP3s on a server and give you access to your music from anywhere in your home or over the Internet! It integrates with iTunes and if you own two homes, it will even sync your music collection between homes automatically!

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The Request Audio Server is an Ethernet attached device that allows you to burn your CDs on to a server so that you can use a Whole House Audio system or the TV in your Theater to see a list of all of your music in one place. Let's look at a typical scenario:

We would install the Request music server in your main listening area (Theater, Living room, etc.). It would connect to your TV so that you can see the Graphical User Interface (GUI). It would connect to your Audio Receiver or Surround Sound Processor via an analog or digital connection. It has a CD drive, so you would load each of your CDs one at a time in to the system and it would copy the CD on to its hard drive or optionally to Network Attached Storage (NAS). You have many options in the quality of the copy from loss-less (WAV), compressed loss-less (FLAC) or MP3 in various bit rates (from 128 to 320kbps). Usually you would use WAV or FLAC and use the "Dual Encode" feature. With Dual Encoding, it would copy it in WAV or FLAC AND ALSO make a copy in MP3 format. That way, when you are listening to your CDs in the Theater you get the same quality as if you were listening to the CD directly. But for your iPod, you have an MP3 copy available also. You can point iTunes to the Request server and it will automatically pull all of your music in to iTunes! It will even copy music that you buy through iTunes to the Request server automatically! As you load CDs in to the Request server it will automatically go out to the Internet and pull down all of the information about the CD including cover art. It also has a Web interface so that you can control it via a Web browser and even stream the music to your PC. Also, see the next section on the Request IMC that allows the same features for your DVDs!