Want to listen to your iPod/iPhone through your stereo system, Home Theater or Whole House Audio system?

There are many iPod Docking stations on the market, but the bottom line is compatibility. Some manufacturers will only support docking stations that they manufacture while others will support multiple different models.

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Let’s face it. Everyone owns an iPod! Well maybe not everyone, but they are very common today. Apple has sold over 220 million iPods so far, not to mention the millions of iPhones.

Automobile Integration:
You can listen to your iPod with headphones, but not in your car as this is illegal in most states. You can plug it in to some car stereos that are “iPod ready”. If your car doesn't have that option, there are adapters that will enable your iPod to connect to any car via the FM radio with no modifications to the vehicle required. You simply plug a device in to your iPod, tune your car stereo to a certain FM station and viola! You can hear your iPod!

Home Integration:
You pull in to your garage, you remove your iPod/iPhone from your car and walk in to your home. As you enter the kitchen, you place the iPod in to a cradle mounted in the wall or sitting on the counter. A press of a button on the keypad next to it and now your favorite song is playing throughout your home! There are wall mounted or desktop iPod docking stations available from a variety of manufacturers. Most allow you to connect audio from the iPod in to your Theater or Whole-House Audio system and some also allow iPod control. All will charge the iPod batteries while in the dock. For example, many Denon Receivers have iPod connections and you can control the iPod from the receiver’s remote! Elan and Control4 have options so you can listen to and control your iPod anywhere in your home! There are desktop iPod docking stations and in-wall docking stations. Here is a picture of an in-wall station that would be flush-mounted in a wall: